Sunday, 23 November 2014

Multiversity: Pax Americana

Multiversity: Pax Americana (DC)

Grant Morrison (w) Frank Quitely (a)

The latest chapter of Multiversity is probably the best yet. With action over the first three pages taking place backwards as President Bush is assassinated by a surprising character, this comic is worth reading more than once. It's very densely written and re-introduces the Charlton Comics action heroes from the 1960s (see post below).

See the Peacemaker under lock and key being questioned by the authorities, Blue Beetle chasing the Question. In fact see the side of the Question that became Rorschach in The Watchmen with lines like "I don't save bad guys".

And just what did happen to Captain Atom and why you shouldn't go anywhere near him if you find him.

If I have one complaint about this issue, it's simply there just wasn't enough of it and the whole parallel Earth deserves a series of it's own to continue and resolve the numerous plot lines that develop in this already oversize edition.

As for how it ended?

Next on the agenda is Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures, Morrison's take on Captain Marvel/Shazam.

Can't wait.

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