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Superman's Girlfriend: Lois Lane..right?

Cover for Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #93 (1969)

Lois Lane # 93 (National/DC Comics)

Robert Kanigher (w) Irv Novick (a) Curt Swan (c)

The Superman family of titles was at the heart of National/DC comics publishing programme for many years. Lois Lane is as far as I can recall the only "girlfriend" of any hero to get their own title just because of her relationship with a super-hero.

This particular issue published in 1969 is interesting as it seems to be a prophesy of what is yet to come in the twenty-first century. More on that later. Featuring a Superman/Wonder Woman team, Lois Lane seems out of her depth strength wise as far as this misleading cover shows.

In fact throughout the fifties and sixties DC had a habit of publishing covers that only sort of related what happened in the story. Some are more misleading than others. But great fun and sometimes worth purchasing for themselves!

For those of you not familiar with a little change that Wonder Woman went through here's the cover of the "new direction" the title went through as of issue 178.

Wonder Woman 197 1971

Turns out that that the "Wonder Woman" that Lois finds herself fighting with is not what she seems. She's really a villain from the Phantom Zone and the real deal is being held captive by this evil doppelganger.

Lois and Superman of course are one of the most famous fictional couples of the modern age. But not everything lasts forever it would seem. Despite years of faithful pursuit and marriage DC comics New 52 reboot put an end to that. For now anyway.

Yup. Superman and Wonder Woman are actually an item. More than that they even have their own monthly team up book.

And the world knows! The secret is out.

Is there hope for Lois? Hints in some of the stories seem to suggest the age old romance will begin once again, but for now whilst Lois Lane remains a strong supporting character, it's Clark and Diana whose romance that enthrals the world.

For now.

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