Monday, 20 July 2015

Marvel Flashback: Doctor Strange #170 (1968)

Doctor Strange #170 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Dan Adkins (a)

One of the founding characters of the Marvel universe Doctor Strange is currently off the scene except for the occasional appearance as a "guest star" in other titles. Originally conceived by Stan Lee with complimentary artwork by Steve Ditko, the good Doctor has always been a personal favourite.

I read his early adventures in either Marvel Collectors Item Classics or as black & white reprints in Alan Class comics published here in the UK.

For some reason Doctor Strange has never been able to keep a solo title going since his inception, though one series did last some 88 issues, but that might change soon.

After the Secret Wars storyline finishes across Marvel, their "new universe" is launching no less that 45 new number one issues. Doctor Strange is one of them.

There's also a movie on the way!

This issue is fairly typical fare for Stephen Strange as he faces Nightmare once again. The mixture of sorcery and dramatic speech makes this comic a great little read.

Finding his mentor the Ancient One in an induced coma, Strange switches to his astral form the enter the old man's mind. Here in the dimension of dreams he finds himself in a trap.

Only the all seeing Eye of Agamotto may be able to save him!

The numbering of Doctor Strange continues from the long running comic Strange Tales.


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