Sunday, 12 July 2015

New: Bloodstrike #1, Archie #1 & Star Trek/Green Lantern #1

Bloodstrike #1

Bloodstrike #1 (Image)

Rob Liefeld (w) & (a)

Well this ones a bit gross I have to say. Rob Liefelds latest outing into comics was obviously designed to shock and I'm writing as someone who is an avid reader of Avatar's comics. Nevertheless much of the content came as surprise. I'm not going to be prudish just don't expect this to be a normal "super-hero" book.

Rated M for Mature, Bloodstrike certainly delivers on that level. The opening scenes of half a man being strung alive to a wall is only the beginning. Add one furry alien who seems to eat pheromones, plenty of decapitation "ninja style" you've got the general idea.

There's one more gory surprise but I'll leave you to discover what that is at the end.

I'm a fan of Rob Liefeld even though he's the most unreliable creator around who starts and stops projects at a whim leaving a whole range of potentially interesting stuff unfinished. What was that thing he fell out with Robert Kirkman over  again. I forget, but it ran for four issues and will never be completed. Same with Youngblood.......

This is the first time I've purchased a Bloodstrike title which was around in the not so great nineties which did the comics industry a lot of harm, but that's another story.

Oh, whats this about?

Damned if I know. There's two other issues been solicited so maybe if they ever appear we'll get to the main story.

But that's up to you Rob. Know what I'm saying???

Archie #1 (Archie Comics)

Mark Waid (w) Fiona Staples (a)

After 75 years Archie gets a remake for the twenty-first century. And a new number one too!

With fan favourite Mark Waid at the helm and matching artwork from Fiona Staples Archie Comics might, just might have a hit on it's hands. Gone is the cartoon style adventures that evolved into a distinctive house style over the years and enter.... modernity.

A sound opening issue with Archie and Betty (having been boyfriend and girlfriend for, like forever) seem to have split up. Their friends try to bring them back together but the whole scheme is wrecked by Archie's best friend Jughead.

And guess who's coming to town? Lodge Industries! Thats' relevant because? It means Veronica is coming to Riverdale and then the fun will really begin.

I've added this to my "pull list". Think it's gonna be a gas.

As a bonus there's a reprint of Archie's very first appearance from Pep Comics #22 originally published in 1941.

My how comics change!


Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War (IDW)

Mike Johnson (w) Angel Hernandez (a)

The comic which is billed as the "crossover event of 2015" is here. Two great science fiction franchise, Star Trek (the original rebooted team) from the films and Green Lantern the ongoing cosmic "cop" saga from DC comics come together in an adventure that takes us to the edge of the known galaxy.

The crew of the Enterprise discover the body, well skeleton of Ganthet, last of the Guardians along with a number of rings on a dead planet in the middle of space. A "rogue planet" we actually discover is the long dead Mogo, a sentient planet and member of the Green Lantern corps.

Did I mention Klingons?

Yeah just so happens as Kirk and Spock begin their investigation along comes a familiar face, at least from the previous Star Trek reality.. General Chang! He wants to take Kirk to Kronos, the prison asteroid from Star Trek VI which hasn't happened yet.

A wee bit confusing I know but if you know your Trek and have read Green Lantern you'll have no trouble following this I promise.

Then there's the rings... and a certain Hal Jordan.

Just Enjoy. 10/10!

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