Saturday, 11 July 2015

Victor Summer Special (1968)

The "Summer Special" was always a treat when we were kids, usually obtained during the holidays and put aside for long journeys and to read on the beach. Those were the days eh. So when I saw my local comic shop had a copy of the 1968 Victor edition I just had to get a copy.

Although the cover had seen better days, the stories inside were not affected. These are difficult to find at a reasonable cost so being too fussy is not an option!

DC Thompson's range of specials were always had over sized pages and a greater use of colour than their main rivals Fleetway/IPC who went for standard size editions sometimes running to 96 pages, making them more expensive. Personally I was always happy to get either format when I could afford to.

Regular feature Morgyn the Mighty kicked of on page three with a fishing tale that saw him captured by natives of a neighbouring island who tried to feed our hero to giant python they worshipped. They didn't reckon with Morgyn who was billed as "the strongest man in the world" though!

World War Two stories included Sniper Dennison, The Jail Busters and Doyle of E-Boat Alley which showed us Brits in great form against those damned Jerries!

Tales from Britain's days of empire also featured with two short stories The Vision of Jamal set in the North West Frontier in the summer of 1922 and The Killing of Matt Brady which took place even earlier in 1833 and was set in Tasmania.

Add Tucker of the Track and Shark Bait for a bit of added variety and that would have kept us young-uns quiet for a while!

Pure nostalgia!


First and last Summer Specials from 1967 and 1992.

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