Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Scream! (1984)

Not for the nervous or so we were told when the short lived but fondly remembered comic Scream! was launched in 1984. Like it's American counterparts Scream! had a host: Ghastly a hooded character who you could write to and enter a competition to draw his face which of course you never saw.

Just those shining eyes from the darkness within.....

The opening feature had to be a rendition of Dracula escaping from Communist Roumania to the West, to England via Brize Norton of all places.

For cat lovers there is a story called Terror of the Cats. An odd choice for use as a "monster" but then this is a comic aimed at yer slightly older teenager. I liked it though as I look at my two as I write this I just cannot imagine them attacking me or anyone else.....

Would they?

One long remembered feature was Monster where twelve year old Kenneth Corman tries to look after his much mistreated and misunderstood Uncle Terry he discovers locked in a room. They end up on the run, even changing comics as this was one of two strips that made it to Eagle and Scream when the two titles were merged.

The other story that went to the Eagle was The Thirteenth Floor. A friendly computer called Max looks after his tenants, perhaps a little too well, Thief or debt collector you don't want to upset Max or you'll end up on his 13th Floor, which didn't exist of course. Not that those who ended up in it would have considered that a fact.

Miscreants beware!


With short stories like At Deaths Door, Ghastly Tales and a feature Tales from the Grave this was a good all round horror book that should have not only should have lasted a lot longer but in time could have become the companion to IPC's Sci-Fi title 2000AD. Sadly we'll never know.

when the last issue appeared there was non of that "Great news inside pals" that used to appear when comics were merged. In fact there was no sign of the comics demise until it simply didn't appear again.

A casualty of Mary Whitehouse?

No. In fact industrial action was the factor behind the cancellation of Scream!. After a long break IPC were simply unwilling to take a chance on this fledgling comic. It was cancelled and "merged" with the company's better selling Eagle comic.


There's also this fun little video which goes through all the covers of Scream!, plus the Summer Specials which I haven't got yet. Like all summer specials they can be a bit pricey but one of these days.....

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