Sunday, 6 September 2015

Buster (1966)


The Buster was one of my firm favourites growing up in the sixties. I have no idea when I started reading it but read it in a fairly regular basis I did. I had hoped to obtain some earlier editions for this review but alas there was a gap in my local comic shops run between these and the Buster and the Big One which I do not recall at all.

Along with Buster himself in colour on the front cover these editions also contained one of my favourite adventure stories, Galaxus. The page illustrated below is not from either of these but is published as a reminder for all you oldies like me and a taster for the young-uns who might like to try Buster out!

Buster was always a mixture of humour and adventure which I think accounted for it's longevity. Tin Teacher would be followed by Toys of Doom, a cracking little adventure feature that is just so British. Marvel as "Model Superfix Rockey Planes" attack the the old fashioned bi-plane being flown by our heroes. Superfix of course being a reference to those Airfix model planes most of us grew up building. At least that's one hobby which seems to have survived the computer age!

The everlasting Charlie Peace, arch-Victorian criminal appears stealing the pies and James Pond continues his misadventures which the same week also involved him flying in a pie. Don't ask.

Along with The Pirates, Dinah Mite and the WWII  story Mighty Misfits this comic certainly brought back memories galore. There's even a British super-hero Thunderbolt: The Avenger about PC Mick Riley who gained his super-powers from "an amazing wristwatch".


Then to round of the features there's strips about Charlie Drake and Whacko with Professor Jimmy Edwards, a TV programme I just about remember but here's a little taster for those of you who may not have ever seen it.

The Pools? Does that even exist any more in this age of the lottery?

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