Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Whizzer & Chips Holiday Special 1970

Judging by the weather the summer is well and truly over but the joys of the holiday specials of old helps cure those rainy days stuck inside. Whizzer and Chips was one of the better humour comics produced by IPC/Fleetway and is well remembered by many from their school days.

The summer always brought on those gigantic magazines we all read during those long holiday breaks. This edition published in 1970 had 96 pages of mirth, laughter and some adventure. Great value for a mere three shillings.

The usual scoundrels appeared in these pages  Champ, Odd-ball, Sid's Snake and others.

There was also Micky Marvel and his Talking Cat a rather charming little feature where after saving a moggy from drowning discovers this is no ordinary cat. It can talk. As a reward Micky gets the power to talk to animals. T

Turns out this was Merlin's cat!

In addition to the normal content there were also reprints of old features from Wham! whose comics had been absorbed by IPC/Fleetway that year. Glugg and Footsie the Clown made several appearances in the 1970 edition.

The summer specials lasted from 1970 until 1993. Pick up a copy if you can find one.


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