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Thunderbirds: The Comic (1991/95)


Thunderbirds are go once again as a new revamped series hit CITV earlier this year. The most iconic and popular of the Gerry Anderson shows reaches out to yet another generation. Such revivals shows the continuing popularity of this children's programme, though it's best to forget about that "live action" film which bombed a while back.

Originally launched in the sixties following then end of Stingray, Thunderbirds was a mainstay of the TV Century 21 comic that was produced in the sixties from which all the material in this new comic was taken with some new added "feature" and "fan" pages.


The first issue carried several continuing stories including The Earthquake Maker (above), Atlantic Tunnel and The Big Freeze. All great fun with excellent artwork.

The 1992 Summer Special (below) contained a complete story Solar Danger which is based around the team going to try and cool down the Sun and then crash landing on Venus which includes monsters and the like as they sink into a sulphur lake.....

The artwork is by the most famous of comic book British artists Frank Bellamy.

My copy had some pages printed out of sequence but  enjoyable none the less!

Special Last issue Poster

Launched in October 1991 Thunderbirds: The Comic lasted 89 fortnightly issues plus several summer specials and poster editions before being cancelled in 1995.

However this is not the end it would seem.

I discovered from fans on  the Mighty World of British Comics Face Book page that DC Thompson (the publishers of the Beano and Commando) are launching a new Thunderbirds comic in October.

To finish here's a little reminder of the wonderful show itself!

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