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Charlton Highlight: Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles #71 (1959)

Wild Bill Hickok and Jingles #71 (Charlton Comics)

Various (w) & (a) (all uncredited)

The Western, a long out of favour genre these days but when I was a child they were all the rage. Everybody seemed to play "Cowboys and Indians" and watch TV shows such as Bonanza, The High Chaparral and Alias Smith & Jones.

Memories flooding back?

There were numerous other Western shows and films many of which became comics.

Wild Bill Hickock and Jingles was one of these.

A TV show that became a short lived comic. The fact this edition is numbered #71 is down to Charlton Comics changing the title from Cowboy Western and continuing with the numbering. This title lasted just 8 issues.

The stories and art are pretty average, even for the time. But my copy was quite cheap being in a "well read" condition, not that I'm complaining. It's fascinating to see stuff from this era. I'd have been two years old when this was published.

And no I've never heard of the TV series either, so I've included a video underneath, though be warned it's not a very high quality recording. Pity really.

First & last issues

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