Monday, 7 September 2015

New! Aliens/Vampirella #1

Aliens/Vampirella #1 (Dynamite/Dark Horse)

Corinna Becko (w) Javier Garcia-Miranda (a)

One of the great things about comic books is that given the opportunity writers and artists can give us a mix of genres that would not be seen in other media. Recently we've seen Star Trek crossover with Planet of the Apes, Doctor Who and now Green Lantern. Archie brought us err... Archie vs Predator! Not to be left out Dynamite and Dark Horse have teamed up to bring us a crossover between everyones favourite Aliens and vampires in the form of Vampirella.

The first of a six issue mini series came out this week and it didn't disappoint. The opening pages saw hooded figures running from an Alien, though some someone should have told them that the creatures blood is acid, as one vampire discovers a little too late as he bites into the aliens neck.

Not a pretty sight I can tell you.

Switch to the future and mankind has started to colonise Mars, except there's something there. Something that came before and it's not the long dead vampires nest that becomes there major worry. The alien complex predates human history.

So who do they call?


Anyone who shouted "Ghostbusters" can go to the back of the class.

Vampi as usual dives straight into the investigation and of course into danger. No human these are not vampire eggs don't be silly.

The final page will shock just like the original movie but Vampirella is a vampire she's dead already isn't she?

Read on. 10/10.