Friday, 24 June 2016

Doomed #1 (IDW/2005)

IDW is a small publishing company that puts out a great variety of comic books and graphic novels in varied formats. Some are successful, others are not. In 2005 long after the demise of the black & white comic book the company decided to revive the format with this quarterly series.

Now I have an admission to make. Whilst I purchased this when it came out I wasn't too keen when I flicked through and put it to one side. I finally read it yesterday when I came across the magazine in a pile of stuff in a corner.

My tasted have changed over the years and having recently started collecting old black & white magazines such as Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella which IDW based Doomed on, I was finally ready to dip in. And a good read it turned out to be.

There are five short stories introduced by a "host" in the form of Ms Doomed.

An adaptation of Richard Matheson's Blood Son is the first story about an odd little boy who gets weirder as he grows older, but exactly why does he behave that way. As for the family cat.....

Cuts is a variation on the tale of a Voodoo Doll which has a quite unexpected conclusion.

A struggling writer enters a parallel world to escape a murder he commits in Blood Rape of the Lust Ghouls. Only things are even worse there than he could imagine..

It's the final story that makes the book a great read. The Final Performance delivers a shock when a weary traveller books into a motel as the only guest. His one night stand with the girl who works there leads to an ending that you will read over more than once.

Overall a great comic. Sadly it only lasted four issues. I'll keep a lookout for the other three. Gets the thumbs up from me.

Doomed is also available in a collected trade.

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