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Superboy #99 (DC/1962)

Superboy #99 (DC Comics)

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From the "Silver Age" of comics comes Superboy, the tales of Superman when he was a boy. In Smallville living with Ma and Pa Kent and his best friend was Pete Ross who knew Clark was Superboy but always kept his secret.

Unlike Lana Lang his pesky neighbour who was always trying to prove Clark Kent was actually Superboy.

And with that thought in mind comes the first of three short stories in this issue from the early sixties, The Man Who Owned Superboy's Costume. Inviting Clark round for a swim was just a trick to get hold of clues about Clark which results in the Super-lad losing his costume leading to all the usual jinks associated with stories at that time.

The Doom that Destroyed Clark Kent is one of those weird monster tales which DC produced on a regular basis. In an effort to help some scientists Superboy unwittingly releases a jewel like monster from the centre of the Earth that just eats everything....including Clark Kent in front of witnesses in Smallville High Street. How does he get out of this one?

The highlight of the issue is featured on the cover. The Kryptonite Kid.

How does Superboy beat and win against a foe that not only radiates harmful Kryptonite radiation but can turn anything into Green Kryptonite.

And how does Red Kryptonite play it's part?

Three classic stories from a simpler age. Published before I started reading comics this is a great addition to anyone's collection if you can find a copy.

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