Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Excalibur #1 (Marvel/1988)

Excalibur #1 (Marvel Comics)

Chris Claremont (w) Alan Davis (a)

A Marvel comic set in the UK featuring Captain Britain with a team of mutants. Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Caps girlfriend Meggan. With art by Captain Britain's "definitive" artist whats not to like. And like this series was as it lasted 125 monthly issues!

This first issue is not quite the beginning, that was in the one-shot The Sword is Drawn. Here however the adventures of Marvel UK's greatest creation continues into the world, the multiverse and beyond.

The first issue sees our team begin to gel as they fight the Warhounds who have a rather disgusting habit of using human skin for disguise. These evil hounds kidnap Kitty Pride (shadowcat) thinking she's Phoenix.

Well Kitty is disguised as Phoenix.

It's the third issue that really sees the team "gel" as a unit as Excalibur moves into Brian Braddocks home, a lighthouse which becomes their base of operations and leads inevitable squabbling.

Did I mention there's some odd happenings here. Through the wardrobe doesn't cut it really.

And Cap really should cut down on the whiskey.

The beginning of a great comic book epic that is entertaining, full of action and doesn't take itself too seriously......


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