Saturday, 25 June 2016

Dracula Lives #13 (Marvel UK/1974)

Launched the same week as Planet of the Apes, Dracula Lives was quite a different kind of comic for the British market. Pure Horror, albeit Marvel style. Given the fuss created by Mary Whitehouse over the mannequins coming to life in Doctor Who, a certain "Ding-a-Ling" and a cat and a mouse cartoon being too violent I'm surprised this passed under her radar. Thankfully it did.

This isn't the first time I've picked up or blogged about Dracula Lives but having decided to obtain up a few more copies the fact I managed to start with the 13th issue and then find I have exactly 13 issues of this comic has prompted me to buy some extra garlic with the shopping.

This is a great comic featuring not just the Lord of the Undead himself but also Werewolf by Night and the Frankenstein Monster all done in a more sympathetic style than perhaps one was used to from the Hammer Horror movies that were all the rage in those days.

Count Dracula starts of in Night of the Death Stalkers preparing his revenge against his enemies in a snow bound London which also sees a horde of rather hungry rats enter the fray.

Jack Russell our misunderstood lycanthrope is caught up in a mad scheme by Cephalos to obtain immortality.

Frankie meanwhile hunts for the last Frankenstein and is trapped in the cellar of Castle Frankenstein with yet another madman...and a giant spider.

All the good stuff nightmares are made of......


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