Monday, 20 June 2016

Vampire Tales #6 (Marvel magazine/1974)

One of Marvels short-lived foray into the black & white magazine market was Vampire Tales featuring a variety of vampiric characters from their mainstream   comic books in a more "adult" setting. Issues feature Morbius, the living vampire, Blade, Satana and Lilith, Daughter of Dracula plus a few short stories.

This edition starts off with Lilith as the main feature in which she kills men who tried to mug her and befriends an ordinary mortal, Martin Gold and helps avenge the death of his lover, a victim of a deranged axe-murderer with twisted morals.

Lilith by the way hates her father and became a vampire after Dracula abandons her to Gypsies who are subsequently murdered by the psychotic Lord of Darkness and does not have the fatal weaknesses of other vampires.

She is a day-walker. Committed to fighting her father's evil.....

There are four other tales of vampires in this issue, the best of which is Blood Death where a husband seeking immortality is turned into a vampire but meets an unexpected the hands of his loving wife.

This magazine like most of Marvels black & white output, Vampire Tales lasted for only a few issues. Eleven in all.

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