Tuesday, 11 July 2017

2000AD prog 300 (1983)

Britain's most thrill packed week went from strength to strength in the early eighties and prog 300 appeared in January 1983 with the first of seven micro-part works containing a facsimile of Prog 1. Whether any fan actually cut up his (or her) copy remains unknown!

Still 2000AD had really got into it's stride by this issue and featured Sam Slade Robo Hunter in the entertaining (but at the same time annoying) multi-part adventure Play it Again Sam whereby the robots of Brit City were under attack from the Human League.

Harry Twenty on the High Rock follows with a tale of political dissidents and convicts being imprisoned without hope of escape in a satellite orbiting the Earth. In this issue Harry makes it back planetside, but for how long remains to be seen.

Judge Dredd appears in the ultra-violent Shanty Town situated outside Mega City One where survivors of the Apocalypse War remain forgotten by the authorities. Crime of course is rampant. Body parts anyone?

There is the one off Time Twister tale from Tharg called This is You Death and the issue ends with part 10 of the epic Rogue Trooper story Fort Neuro.


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