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The Leopard from Lime Street (Rebellion)

The Leopard from Lime Street - Book 1
Photo: 2000AD Shop

Scratched by a leopard being treated for a rare disease with a radioactive serum 13 year old Billy Parmer develops amazing super-powers. Donning a homemade costume Billy takes up fighting crime in the form of Cat-Man, a burglar in a small English suburban town.

Billy also has to deal with school bullies and a revolting "Uncle" who make his life a misery. On top of that the local newspaper the Selbridge Sun tries to make him seem a threat to the good folk of the small market town.

On the face of it so much seems owed to a certain character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko so many years earlier. The difference being the hero is around 13 and appears in Buster, a comic aged at 7 to 12 year olds.

First appearing in Buster in March 1976 Billy went on to feature in over 450 2-3 page episodes until 1985. This volume features the early stories and is a cracking read for all those who either read it first time round or love to read old British adventure strips.

Published by Rebellion (best known for 2000AD) this is part of a continuing series of reprints which will include The Dracula Files (from Scream), a second volume of horror from girls weekly Misty and Faceache a humour strip from Jet and Buster!

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