Sunday, 9 July 2017

The First Judge Dredd Annual 1981

Charging from the pages of 2000AD came Judge Dredd in his own annual.  Issued in 1980 (British annuals always had the date a year ahead to give them a longer shelf life) this  book demonstrated the growing power of Dredd amongst not just kids, but older readers as well

Published with much slicker paper than it's parent, this became the format used for future 200AD annuals and although these volumes became slimmer they were of much higher quality than their predecessors.

There was plenty of colour too. The first story Pinboing Wizard certainly showed Dredd at his best and most absurd simultaneously. Other Dredd stories Compulsory Purchase and The Fear that made Milwaukee famous also appeared in full colour. Dredd eventually laying down the law not just to perps and muties but "ghosts" as well!?!

Great stuff.

This volume is actually well worth picking up. The very first Dredd story is reprinted along with a text history of the character and an art sequence showing how Dredd's appearance evolved into the one we are all familiar with today.

Dredd first appeared in Prog 2, but didn't actually turn up on the cover until prog 10. 

To my regret I was given a signed copy of this by a girlfriend when it came out. Lost now, so this had to be repurchased, unsigned this time. Never mind, just glad to have a copy!

There are 11 annuals and four "yearbooks" to collect.



  1. A signed copy by your girlfriend...those were the days! There is a saying: "keep your old love letters, throw away the old bank statements"...or something along them lines!

    1. Heh. She purchased a copy signed by a couple of 2000AD creators from a signing session at I assume The Forbidden Planet.