Saturday, 1 July 2017

Kull Eternal #1 (IDW) Out Now!

Kull Eternal #1 (IDW)

Tom Waltz (w) Luca Pizzari (a)

From the creator of Conan, Robert E. Howard comes Kull, King of Atlantis with gun and binoculars in hand.......

Wait what did I just write? 

This story begins in the present day and seems to involve time travel courtesy of some sorcerers mirrors as far as I can work out. Oh and the  Serpent people are back.

Kull gets bored, tricked by some wicked harriden and goes off to seek adventure. Looks promising and worth picking up.

Meanwhile lookout in this months Previews catalogue for a Wonder Woman/Conan mini-series. Pre-order now!

A couple of images tweeted by Tom Waltz:

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