Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Judas: The Last Days

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Judas: The Last days (IDW)

W. Maxwell Prince (w) John Amor (a)

Judas Iscariot has been alive for over two thousand years and he's not very happy about it. In an attempt to find an end to his existence he visits the gnome-librarians who keep the stories of all written in the never ending library.

They can't (and won't) help.

Turns out Judas is not the only Disciple that has become an immortal and one is in a very high position indeed.

judas last day prince amor idw 01

In a story filled with theology, the story of the "lamb" and the "word" is turned on it's head as we learn the true nature of Judas, Jesus and Paul (Saul) who are central to this story.

Did I say James is a junkie?

Lots of twists and turns in a world where scripture is both real and fiction.

What was the true pre-ordained destiny of history's most infamous traitor.

A graphic novel that will entertain, baffle and bemuse.

There was once an amazing man man who did amazing things. And then he stopped.

Read on.... Have tea with Jesus in the space between ideas at the table of elements.

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