Monday, 2 February 2015

The Multiversity Guidebook

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The Multiversity Guidebook (DC Comics)

Grant Morrison (w) Various (a)

Everything you wanted to know about the DC Comics universe?

Well not quite, but this is a major appetiser!

For starters seven of the 52 Earth's remain secret, including the "most sinister one of all".

From the serious to the sublime this edition gives page upon page of information about the various worlds that form the ""New 52" and starts where we left off with a story involving the cabal of Dr Sivanas gathered from the Multiverse when they attack.. L'l Gotham and the cutest of all the Justice Leagues are massacred until enter ... the Batman.

Not one I'm familiar with but then he comes from a world of Atomic Knights, giant dalmatians and err.. Adam Strange?

But the highlight has to be the return of Kamandi! The last boy on earth from world not unlike Planet of the Apes but where all the animals seem to have become sentient. One of my favourite series from the 1970's.

Then there's the "real" "New Gods" rather than these neo-fascist ones that plagued the various Lantern Corps during the "Godhead" Story line.

Then there's news that Captain Carrots world  once destroyed but bounced back due to .. cartoon physics?

You couldn't make it up.

Oh, Grant Morrison did.

There's more to come as next month we visit the world where Superman works for the Nazi's and only Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters continue the struggle for freedom.

Did I mention the world where the Justice League are vampires?

This series is not to be missed.

There is a connection with Convergence I am sure.

Who's giant hand is that.

Have we not seen it before at the beginning of the universe.

Read on.... 


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