Saturday, 14 February 2015

Luftwaffe 1946

Luftwaffe 1946 is an alternative history story with a premise that the Second World War lasted one year longer and as such introduces the reader to the possibilities of advanced Nazi science. Many of the aircraft designs used by writer/artist Ted Nomura were already on the drawing board, some even as advanced into model or prototype design.

There's even a story arc about flying saucers, a subject that has been the subject of many an article or documentary. In this alternate world they actually fly.

The stories are produced in an "American manga" style by the small but still continuing Antarctic Press. The aircraft are drawn to a high standard and Nomura even produces "Technical Manuals to accompany his series which lasted well over a hundred issues though with a small print run, so back issues are not that easy to find.

Although the bulk of the action is in Europe there is some in the Japanese theatre as they use advanced technology to fight in the pacific.

The story concentrates on the uses of alternate technology as used by both sides.

Oh and there's a hint of aliens being involved as history resets...

Worth reading if you can track either the single issues or collected editions down. This no War & Peace, but good fun.

If you try to read the letters pages though you will need a magnifying glass.

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There are spin-offs including Panzer 1946 with a 1,500 ton sporting an 800mm gun powered by four U-boat engines and of course Kamikaze 1946.

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