Friday, 20 February 2015

Superman as a Nazi?

The Multiversity: Mastermen (DC Comics)

Grant Morrison (w) Jim Lee & Scott Williams (a)

A rocket from a doomed planet containing a small baby comes to Earth. We all know the story right?

But not on Earth 10.

The story changes as a young Kal-EL lands not in Kansas but occupied Sudetenland in 1938.

History then takes a different course........

This is one of the best chapters in Morrison's continuing Multiversity saga and with pencils by Jim Lee not to be missed.. I just knew this would be a "fun" (if disturbing) ride as soon as I turned to the first page.

Hitler sitting on a toilet with his trousers down screaming at his adjutant for disturbing him. Only a British writer could have thought that one up!

The story is as you would expect one based on the victory of the Nazi's and the creation of their nightmare world. Superman or Overman as he is called in this reality stands in the ruins of Washington DC as squadrons of ME 262s fly overhead.

But not is well with the world or Overman to be honest.

There is resistance.

There is a Sivana from yet another reality.

There are the Freedom Fighters.

There is hope.

Could have done with more of this. Far too much crammed into such a short, even if over sized comic.

More please DC.

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