Saturday, 2 April 2016

Buster (1963)

When I came across the cover of Buster dated 3rd August 1963 I was intrigued by the Dome of Doom caption. I'd have been 5 when this was published so would have been unlikely to have read this. Probably on the Beano & Dandy at the time. I don't recall getting a comic until 1964 when the first issue of Wham! was published, but I've covered that before.

I managed to get a copy and it's very different to the Buster I grew up with.

For starters it's quite a larger size (with fewer pages) and the internal pages consist of one story a page, being a mixture of adventure adventure and comedy that made Buster such a good read.

The story Dome of Doom is about aliens invading the Earth (via the UK of course!) and whilst the British army stands powerless outside the forcefield there are two lads inside. I'd guess that the future of mankind depends on them!

Other adventure features included Maxwell Hawke, Phantom Force 5, The Boy Who Knew Too Much and Nick Shannon. There was comedy from Buster himself, Sonny Boy and (a sign of the times) celebrity strips with Bruce Forsyth, Charlie Drake and Jimmy Edwards in Whacko which I have vague memories of.

Excellent stuff all round.

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