Monday, 11 April 2016

Spider-Man and Hulk Weekly (Marvel UK/1980)

Despite the success of The Hulk TV show, his won solo title which at the beginning contained original strips but soon became a reprint title like most Marvel output didn't last that long. The inevitable merger came and off went the Hulk to join Spider-Man in a joint weekly comic simply called Spider-Man and Hulk Weekly.

Gone where the unique glossy covers that made British Marvel stand out on the new stands and a new innovation made them look like more traditional comics. A mistake in many fans eyes.

Actually the Hulk was the only UK Marvel I picked up around the late seventies but in the end transferred fully to the full colour US editions that were readily available not just in shops but in the only comic shop I knew at that time Dark They were and Golden Eyed in Soho when I was a student. Great place, sadly missed!


The two main strips in this comic were pretty obvious from the title, but the other stories appearing here were Daredevil and She-Hulk (alternating with Spider-Woman). At least in the issues I picked up.

Marvel were experimenting with other formats for it's comics bringing out non-superhero titles such as Fury, Valour and Forces in Combat none of which lasted that long. Even Marvel Comics, previously their flagship title Mighty World of Marvel had gone. The era of the monthlies was upon us.

Both Spider-Man and The Hulk are still on the news-stands today in their own full colour US sized editions (but with many extra pages), but for me Marvels golden era was coming to an end.

I miss the weeklies.


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  1. "I miss the weeklies" ...indeed and for many they were the introduction to the comic-books we collect now as adults.