Sunday, 10 April 2016

Valiant and Knockout (1963)

One of my favourite British comics was Valiant which published two well know characters Captain Hurricane and The Steel Claw. Of course this particular issue came out when I was quite young so I hadn't seen this or the second merged issue before, but was keen to pick them up when they came up for sale.

Published in February 1963, Valiant, then quite a new comic only having been launched the previous year was merged with the long-running Knockout which had started way back in 1939! Knockout had itself merged with Magnet in 1941, the home of the famous Billy Bunter who of course continues in this merged comic.


Knockout was home to the famous Battler Britton who I only recall from appearances in the various Fleetway "pocket picture libraries". In this combined comic he co-stars with captain Hurricane and the adventures begin!

Also of interest is an early take on "Jurassic World", From The Vaults of Time featuring dinosaurs which in Knockout had seen them rampage across Southern England as a result of the rash actions of a certain Professor Kraken. This time they're back or are they? Is this something else.

Other strips include the long running Kelly's Eye, The Man called 39 and Jack O'Justice. Plus of course humour from the The Nutts.

The "golden age" of British comics indeed!

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