Saturday, 16 April 2016

Catweazle Annual 1971

One of the more fondly remembered children TV programmes is Catweazle, the story of an 11th Century wizard who suddenly finds himself in the modern world. Played by Geoffrey Bayldon Catweazle meets a young lad Edward ("Carrot") who tries to hide him from the rest of the world.

Starting in 1970, Catweazle ran for 2 seasons and a total of 26 episodes. This was essential family viewing on a Sunday in days when we all watched and shared TV programmes in our millions.

World Distributors published three "tie-in" annuals between 1970 and 1972. The first one (pictured above) contains Catweazle's origin story in text form plus a number of other comic strip and text stories featuring our heroes.

There's also some magic trick tips, puzzles and cartoons that featured in these types of annuals.

A wonderful piece of nostalgia.


I couldn't end this post without a "taster" of the show itself.

Here's the opening scenes from the very first episode. I saw it in black & white first time round, we didn't get a colour TV until later in the year.

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