Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Doctor Strange - From Comic to Movie

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One of the more interesting of Marvels superheroes Doctor Strange is finally getting the recognition he deserves with a new movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch. The good Doctor has been around since the early sixties having been created and drawn by two of comicdom's greatest talents Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Doctor Strange originally appeared in Strange Tales # 110, though his actual origin did not appear until #115. Strange Tales was an anthology book which Doctor Strange shared with the Human Torch (from the Fantastic Four) and Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD respectively until Marvel got it's new distributor and was able to expand their range of comics in 1968.

Stephen Strange was a rich successful surgeon who was somewhat vain and selfish until an accident prevented him from carrying out surgery as his hands were irreparably injured. Searching for a cure Strange heads for the mystics of the Himalayas and meets the "Ancient One".

The struggle for magical supremacy begins.

Steve Ditko's artwork makes these early adventures the best of the run, though those that follow do their best and as the Marvel universe expands we meet The Living Tribunal and Eternity amongst others who will form an essential part of the "backbone" of the "Marvel Age of Comics".

Sadly the first solo volume of Doctor Strange (using the numbering inherited from Strange Tales)only lasted 15 issues.


Of course like all good heroes Doctor Strange doesn't just disappear. Over the years there have been several solo series,  but most of all there was..The Defenders, Marvels "non-team" starring not just the "Doc", but the Hulk, Prince Namor, the Sun-Mariner and the Silver Surfer just to name the core members. that had many a weird and wonderful adventure.


Needless to say this isn't the first time Doctor Strange has been committed to film (though the first attempt should have simply been committed full stop). A TV film (best forgotten) appeared in 1978 as Marvel tried to capitalise on the success of The Hulk.

Much better (and one that I already have on DVD) is the animated version released in 2007.

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But now we are at last seemingly to get the real deal. Can't wait for this one and here's the first official trailer.

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  1. "We" have been quite blessed, us of a certain age, having grown-up reading the comic-books, perhaps seeing the cartoon versions, then even the odd tele-series and now in the last few years the presentions of Marvel & DC on the 'big-screen'. Granted they not all been what we'd hoped...but for the most part they been fun to watch, a joy to behold with a few gems too. Keep them coming I say ...and if they (Marvel & DC) try hard enough we be forgiving of the odd 'lemon' or two. Dr Strange, looks at the very least, to be a good-one.