Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Black Hood #1 (Red Circle/1983)

Black Hood #1 (Red Circle)

Cary Burket (w) Gray Morrow (a)

With so much of a wait in between the release of Archie's new Dark Circle superhero comics line I decided to raid the back issue bins for stuff that I missed when the last time Archie decided to put their characters in print.

One of the issues I came across (and they are cheap, even in "fine" condition) was Black Hood #1. This actually was a treat to read and is so different from the character's current incarnation, which is dark to say the least.

This issue sees the latest bearer of the Hood's legacy get tasked (reluctantly) by the CIA to stop espionage. Not a bad story with good art. Might pick up the other two when I came across them. There are only three issues in this short lived series.


The only thing that let down the first issue were the back-up stories. Not up to scratch in either the writing or art department. But that's just my opinion. The second issue seems to feature The Fox so that sounds better.

The Black Hood was also a member of the Mighty Crusaders, Archie's super-team so I picked up #12 of that at the same time.

One of the corniest adventures I've ever read but that's the joy of these comics.

You will laugh out loud at the sight of the Crusaders "sky train" which belongs more to a funfair than a crime fighting team. The back-up feature introduces The She-Fox. Well just. This comic only ran for one more issue before Archie pulled the plug. Too much competition in those days.

They'd do better now if their release schedule wasn't so tardy.....

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