Sunday, 12 June 2016

Heros Inc Presents #2 (1976)

This is a bit of an oddity. Not one I'd heard of until I picked up this issue in my local comic shop. There were just two issues, 7 years apart. Number 1 was published in 1969!

The first issue was published in the normal Us full colour format by veteran comic book artist Wally Wood and is one of the first "Independent" comic books. This contained three stories. The Misfits written and drawn by Wood himself, Dragonella a fantasy tale written by Ron Whyte and drawn by Wally Wood and Cannon, written by Wood and pencilled by one other veteran of comics, Steve Ditko.

The latter strip went on to appear in the US Army's Overseas Weekly as a serial from 1971.

Come 1976 and the second issue appeared in the larger, black and white magazine format. It's actually a very entertaining comic.

The Misfits by Wally Wood, appear again fighting off an alien invasion organised by a enslaved giant brain who just wants to die and take his oppressors with him.

The second feature is Black Angel about a mildly super-powered secret agent fighting the Sirens of legend to prevent aliens from anther dimension taking over the Earth. The other dimension seems to owe much to the imagination of Steve Ditko, but is passable enough.

The final tale sees the return of Cannon with bold artwork from Ditko, but written by Wood. Searching for a missing rocket scientist, Cannon gets duped by a scantily clad harridan who turns out to be an agent for the Nazi's.

Off to the hidden city in the jungle we go where the missing scientist is in fact a self-proclaimed future Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich. Cannon does not have much time to prevent the Nazi's from starting World War Three.

I liked this and wish there was more, but as with many things in life one has to simply enjoy what there is.

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