Thursday, 30 June 2016

DC Super-Stars #3 (DC/1976)

DC Super-Stars #3 (DC)

Jim Shooter (w) Curt Swan (a)

Featuring Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes this edition of the reprint title DC Super-Stars brings readers to a different kind of Legion story , one where they are all adults and receive a visit from Superman rather than Superboy.

Reprinted from Adventure Comics #354 & #355 this tells the tale of a traitor in the ranks of the Legion of Super-Heroes or so they are led to think as their secrets are stolen, weapons and spacecraft damaged and sabotaged.

Superman arrives in a later time period than he used to visit as a boy and finds Cosmic Boy now Cosmic Man slightly balding as are other former comrades, many of whom have now left the Legion, married and are settled with kids. A different world to the one readers were used to when Superboy was a lad.

Short of personnel the Legion has had to merge with its "substitutes" to keep the flag flying and despite all the wondrous technology, (some of which we see as Clark traverses the universe meeting up with his old pals) they cannot figure out the mystery of the saboteur.

Needless to say following the old costume "switcheroo" trick they find Kid Ferro's twin brother is responsible. Or is he?

Of course not. Enter the Legion of Super-Villains.

A cracking little tale from the sixties represented for the seventies that's still worth a read today. Sadly the Legion no longer have a comic or it seems a place in the DC universe. The future has changed, for the worse if you followed Justice League 3000/3001.

Hopefully now that books (sadly) cancelled, DC's rebirth will bring back the Legion.

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