Saturday, 11 June 2016

Fantastic Four Winter Special (Marvel UK/1981)

When Marvel started off it's UK range of comics they took a decision not to issue "Summer Specials", instead promoting their over-sized "Treasury Editions" as an alternative. Eventually they changed their minds and the Summer Specials did make an appearance.

However this being Marvel they went a step further and issued some "Winter Specials"..which was different!

This Fantastic Four Winter Special appeared in 1981 and contained a reprint of What If #22 plus the origin story of the FF from their first issue.

This is a completely different Doctor Doom to the one you know and love (to hate). No disfigurement and he is (as the title suggests) a hero. I always found What If a bit "hit and miss", but this tragic tale of a Doom that might have been is well worth reading.

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