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Vampirella: Summer Nights (Harris/Dark Horse- 1992)

Vampirella: Summer Nights (Harris Comics/Dark Horse Comics)

Various (w) & (a)

This little gem was published in the early nineties as Harris Comics re-launched the Warren horror franchise. This was a 48 page black & white "prestige" format edition with 4 stories over 48 pages and if you can find a copy grab it. This book contains everything you need to know about Vampi in one edition.

The first story starring Vampirella herself sees her meet the other Warren Comic hosts Uncle Creepy & Cousin Eerie in a cursed house somewhere in the countryside after being arrested for beating up a bunch of thugs. The policeman thinks she's a prostitute because of the way she dresses. Her costume contains very little material remember and their breaks down.

Sadly Creepy & Eerie just want to kill Vampi so a "family reunion" this is not!

Fan art

Next up is a solo tale of Adam Van Helsing Vampirella's love interest and descendent  of the famous vampire hunter. In a passable tale written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Dave Cockrum Adam has to rescue some people trapped in a derelict church by a Tomb Vetch (no me neither).

Pendragon the magician gets his comeuppance for "deserting" his family while having the inevitable drink in a short story entitled Magic Tricks.

Last but far from being least comes a tale of Chelsea, now turned into a vampire with an equally material lacking costume and befriending a lonely little girl who is dead and remains trapped on the earthly plain as a ghost.

All the main characters being set up for the first of several Vampirella series that Harris Comics would go on to publish.

The real bonus is on the back of a fold out poster. An essay outlining the creative and fictional history of Vampirella.

Essential reading for all Vampi fans.

Now if they would only bring back her fan club....

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