Sunday, 2 April 2017

Adam Strange/Future Quest #1 (DC)


Adam Strange/Future Quest #1 (DC)

Marc Andreyko & Jeff Parker (W) Steve Lieber (a)

DC Comics continue their revival of Hanna Barbera properties with a number of crossovers between their characters and the DC Universe. Four of these special editions were released this week of which I picked up two.

This meeting of Adam Strange and Jonny Quest takes place immediately after their two mini series ended. Adam is travelling by Zeta beam following his confrontation with Despero and the death of Katar Hol in the six issue mini-series Death of Hawkman when he goes through a vortex that brings him to a strange version of Earth. Sans memory for a while.

Here he meets Jonny Quest, Hadji, Dr. Benton Quest and Race Bannon in a strange lost valley full of creatures out of time. Oh and there are some bad guys left over from the recent 12 issue run of Future Quest.

Whilst I've always been a fan of Adam Strange I only vaguely remember Jonny Quest and wasn't particularly a fan but this story is a cracking little yarn.


The book also has a back-up feature starring not just Top Cat but Batman and Catwoman. Seems old Top Cat has got lost in the multiverse whilst escaping from prison and is searching for Bernie. And there's a little twist which I didn't see coming.

A new Top Cat series is in the making. Sounds fun since it's set in the DC universe.

Here's a reminder of the Jonny Quest cartoon....

.....but Top Cat needs no introduction however ......

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