Monday, 3 April 2017

The Goblin #1 (Warren/1982)

The last title launched by Warren Publishing before it's untimely demise was this real oddity, The Goblin. An "editorial" proclaimed:

We haven't been this excited since Vampirella started teething! Warren is finally making its full-length foray into the super-hero field with THE GOBLIN! It's our newest magazine and it's devoted to the craziest concentration of super-heroes imaginable. Yes super-heroes...those long-johned leading men we all grew up with. Now we figure it's time for them to grow up with us.

Having seen a couple of reviews and comments about this comic magazine I decided to pick up a copy of the first issue and can only say it is a bizarre publication. I'm not even sure some of the creations count as "super-heroes in any shape or form.

The title story is devoted to The Goblin himself by Bill DuBay & Lee Elias is quite unusual in focusing on a black family with one of the able to turn into a mystical character with help of a white ghost. A mixture of social commentary about slum landlords with UFO's and out of time US soldiers from the North African theatre make a strangely compelling tale.

Next up is Tin Man,also by Bill DuBay with art from Ruby Nebres. Reminiscent of the film The Day the Earth Stood Still, there's a small twist which sees a conspiracy by the US President and his Soviet counterpart to keep the world peace.

Next up is a four colour supplement Phil Photon and the Troll Patrol which is seemingly influenced by the British 2000 AD. I remain unsure as to why their spaceship looks like a hairdryer.

The final two stories The Micro-Buccaneers and in particular Wizard Wormglow (both by Timothy Moriarity) were frankly dreadful.

Intended to be bi-monthly, The Goblin lasted just three issues. Probably not to everyone's tastes.


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