Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Jughead: The Hunger (Archie Horror)

Jughead: The Hunger (Archie Horror)

Frank Tieri (w) Michael Walsh (a)

In Afterlife with Archie poor old Jughead gets turned into a zombie and infects half the Riverdale residents who then proceed to try and eat the others. A story that continues despite a really shoddy release schedule. However for those of you who can't wait for the next installment here's a one shot special with a different fate for our boy.

In this extra length tale Jughead is revealed to be a werewolf responsible for a number of deaths in Riverdale. However someone is on his tail. Betty Cooper, Werewolf Hunter.

An entertaining tale featuring the usual gang well worth picking up. Here's a little preview but perhaps if anyone from Archie Comics is reading this maybe someone else will get the "horror treatment". Maybe Veronica Bride of Dracula next? Just asking!

Variant Cover by Robert Hack

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