Monday, 17 April 2017

Angel and The Ape (DC 1991)

Angel and The Ape #1-4 (DC)

Phil Foglio (w) K. S. Wilson (a)

During the sixties DC Comics came up with some oddball titles such as Angel and The Ape and the Inferior Five the latter of which was supposedly an X-Men parody but had a life of its own. Well for a 12 issue run. Having limited pocket money I guess many kids like myself didn't consider trying these titles since pocket money was limited, so it's only in recent times I have even got around to reading issues of these comics.


I came across this four issue mini-series quite by accident when looking for other stuff which wasn't in stock and being a Bank Holiday weekend worth a try.

Now I'm hooked.

Angel and The Ape now makes sense. Sam (the Ape) comes from Gorilla City (which will make sense to fans of the Flash and the Justice League since that is where super-villain Gorilla Grodd comes from. Sam has a mild mind controlling power which allows him to exist in homo-sapien society.

This story also co-stars Dumb Bunny, the super-strong but not very bright member of the Inferior Five who also show up. DB is in need of a boyfriend who is strong enough so she doesn't break him. Literally I'm afraid and the male superhero community don't take her very seriously as seen when DB tires ringing the JLI for help and gets laughed at by Guy Gardner.

Oh and we discover Angel and Bunny are sisters. Well half sisters......


They need help you see. Gorilla Grodd is kidnapping Sam as he needs his powers to help "cull" humanity and make the Gorillas the main intelligent lifeform on the planet. It seems the task of saving humanity is down to the Z-List heroes.

Loved it.

A nice very inexpensive addition to anyone's collection that ties these amusing characters into the DC universe proper. I look forward to seeing them all again soon. After all Merryman appeared in Grant Morrison's Final Crisis and even err..Captain Carrot has been seen whizzing around the multiverse!

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