Saturday, 15 April 2017

Plant of the Apes #1 (Marvel Magazine/Australia)

The latest addition to my ever-growing black & white magazine collection is a copy of Planet of the Apes #1 though this copy was printed in Australia. It's creative content is I am assured the same as the US edition which is fine by me. A wee bit "well read" but then not only has it travelled half-way around the world it's been through one of those Exchange Bookshops that were a great source of reading material until they went the way of the dodo.

There are two stories The Lawgiver set after the films when Ape and were living in peace, that is until a band of gorillas start guerilla warfare plus the first part of an adaptation of the original film. The original story is well worth a dip but I'm not a fan of adaptations, especially when the cast are unrecognisable. Well the human cast anyway...

The US version lasted 29 issues and some of the material found it's way into the British Planet of the Apes weekly comic even though this magazine was aimed at adults. I could find no information on the Australian monthly published by Yatta though Newton published a more regular edition.

Here's one I'll try & pick up in the near future. Viking gorillas. Oooh.

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