Thursday, 25 May 2017

2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1982

Come the end of the school year we'd (amongst other things) all be looking forward to the summer special of our favourite comic and back in the day there were lots to choose from There were even one's for the girls!

Not to be left out 2000AD joined the fray with their "Sci-Fi" specials which were a mixture of new stories and reprints with a few features to keep us occupied for a while. This one issued in 1982 had a whopping 64 pages featuring of course Judge Dredd and other favourites such as Mach 1 (which went on to appear in Eagle (Vol 2), Invasion, Black Hawk (from Tornado), Rogue Trooper and Ace Trucking Co amongst others.

This edition also contains reprints of stories from the Daily Star which I'd never seen before.

The Sci Fi Special went on hiatus for  a while there being 19 issues up until 1996 but was revived in 2014 and will hopefully be back on our newsstands this year given the success of their 2000th and 40th Anniversary editions!


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  1. part of waht made the hols...hols, back then. that and playing in the street...sadly times have changed.