Sunday, 20 August 2017

Savage Action #1 (Marvel UK/1980)

One of Marvel's more eclectic titles produced for the British market was Savage Action which launched in November 1980 featuring The Punisher, Dominic Fortune and Moon Knight.  These were stories not from the four colour monthlies. The Punisher story came from the adult orientated one shot Marvel Super Action and Dominic Fortune from Marvel Preview. I'm not sure about Moon Knight as I've never been a fan and not read much of the characters appearances.

This issue is worth buying for the Punisher story alone which continues in issues #2 & #3 and are now on my personal "want list".


There's also a text feature of Night Raven which doesn't appeal. I have never understood why comic publishers felt the need to do these other than as cheap space fillers.

Savage Action went on to feature quite a lot of material from Marvel Preview, a magazine firmly aimed at the older reader in the states. Blade, Man Thing, Man God and in the last issue horror.


The exception to this was Ka-Zar, Marvel's "Tarzan" set in the hidden land inside Antarctica with dinosaurs, monsters and aliens.  These tales were from the "normal" monthly Ka-Zar The Savage.


Lasting just 15 monthly issues Savage Action merged with Marvel Superheroes  (as of #382) with only the Night Raven feature surviving. An interesting experiment but I'm more inclined to collect the Marvel Preview issues other than the Punisher one-shot which is difficult to find and generally quite expensive.

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