Sunday, 13 August 2017

Valour Winter Special 1980 (Marvel UK)

Valour was one of Marvel UK's short lived titles which lasted just 19 issues. It did however produce a one-off Winter Special which is well worth picking up if you come across a copy. This issue contains two complete stories with Thor and Doctor Strange plus some colour "pin-ups" of the stars of the comic.

The extra long story Thunder over Troy sees a young Thor taking his wicked brother back to Asgard for punishment (as usual) when both of them disappear and Thor finds himself rescuing a young man who it turns out is from the ill-fated city of Troy.

With no memory of who he is or where he is from Thor declines at first to aid the besieged city despite the pleas from his new found friend Aeneas. But Thor needs to tread carefully. This realm is under the protection of other gods. The Gods of Olympus.

Inevitably Zeus discovers Thor's presence and several misunderstandings with fighting between men & gods and Thor & Zeus, the young Asgardian makes his way home unaware that his evil brother has left behind the suggestion on how the Greeks (or Argives) can penetrate the great walled city.

Only Loki eh.

The second shorter feature with art by Gene Colan (which I always think looks better in black & white) sees Doctor Strange take on the demon "god" N'Garai.

Splendid stuff that Marvel just doesn't do right anymore if you ask me.


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