Saturday, 12 August 2017

Vampirella #2 (Warren/1969)

Vampirella was the final "core" title of Warren Publishing released in 1969 and whilst horror orientated was to become something a little different to Creepy or Eerie. Vampirella was the name of the host who was to morph into a super-heroine that still gets published today!

Some years back I obtained a reprint of the first issue which is ferreted away somewhere but couldn't resist picking up a reasonably priced copy of the second issue. Vampi isn't quite herself yet so to speak. In this issue she's very the host but a bit more involved than Uncle Creepy or Cousin Eerie.

There are no less than seven stories in this excellent issue from a variety of writers and artists kicking off with Evily supposedly Vampirella's evil cousin who gets her comeuppance at the hands of our heroine. Not sure if she ever got her revenge.

Montezuma's Monster follows up with Vampi introducing the story in traditional Aztec dress or at least what the artist thought a native woman would be wearing. An average tale of greed and a well deserved fate.

Down to Earth featuring Vampi as the central character is up next and not all goes well in her search for stardom.

Queen of Horror follows on and although the reader should have seen the inevitable twist coming this is a great story.

The Octopus is one of those house oddities produced by Warren writers and sees how a father protects his children even after death. Still not sure how the evil uncle turned into a giant octopus but this is a supernatural tale is it not....

A tragic tale of a love that should not exist is the theme of One Two, Three and a sad ending it has to. My favourite story from this issue.

And finally hidden behind more than a few ad pages is the inevitable vampire tale Rhapsody in Red, though the Countess didn't count on this outcome!

Terrific stuff that would lead to a run totalling 113 issues before Warren closed up shop.


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