Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Marvel-Two-In-One Returns

Marvel Two-in-One #1 lenticular cover

One of my favourite ever Marvel Comics titles, Marvel Two-In-One returns with a whole new number one in December. Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm join forces to seek and find Reed & Sue Richards. Doctor Doom is hiding a secret and the re-uniting of two of the Fantastic Four can't be a bad thing!

I haven't ordered a Marvel title since the Fantastic Four ended its long run. Marvel obviously realises that their universe is missing something and that something is it's first family. I eagerly await the return of a full FF comic.

One thing is certain. The Richards and their kids ain't dead not that any of us really believed that..did we?

In the meantime the adventure begins with The Thing & The Human Torch exploring different universes and hopefully will lead to a proper restoration of a Marvel Universe that respects its legacy as much as DC has shown in Re-birth.

Oh and did I mention a lenticular cover.



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  1. Thanks for the "heads up" Howie, "Marvel Two in one" was a favourite of mine as well so I will have a look for this on Saturday - I have high hopes that these Legacy titles will be a bit better than some of the recent Marvel output