Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Thing is Big Ben Summer Special (Marvel UK/1984)

The Thing (a.k.a Benjamin Grimm) of the Fantastic Four is one of my favourite Marvel comic book characters and when he got his team-up series in the form of Marvel Two-In-One it became a must grab when it appeared on the newsagents shelves.

As a result I completely overlooked this Marvel UK comic when it was released. In part because I had already got or read the stories and I felt the tile was, well a bit childish. Couldn't they have come up with something better. It sounded more like a preschool title than a mainstream superhero comic.

Fast forward to today and having restarted collecting comics and taking much more of an interest in Marvel UK's output than I did at the time I thought I'd pick up a well preserved copy from my local comic shop. After all it was just four quid!

Unlike earlier Marvel UK editions this was not just in full (over-sized) colour but had a nice cardstock cover. Oddly this was printed in Hungary.

There's just the one Thing story which is a team-up with Modred the Mystic and a guest appearance by an early version of Spider-Woman hailing from Marvel Two-In-One #33.


The rest of the Summer Special is taken up with early adventures of the X-Men in a story Computo, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Arnold Drake finished off with another X-related story Female of the Species which focuses on Jean Grey in her younger Marvel Girl guise.

The Thing is Big Ben ran for just 18 issues with the one Summer Special.


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  1. Thought I'd mention that The Thing/Ben Grimm has recently been appearing in current title: Infamous Iron Man