Saturday, 30 September 2017

Solo (1967)

One of the short lived comics that I missed back in the sixties was Solo, a very much Walt Disney based title with a few worthwhile additions. I picked up #12 which for it's condition wasn't that cheap but a useful introduction to a comic I have never read.

Quite a few of the strips will be familiar since Donald Duck, Goofy, Uncle Scrooge & Chip n' Dale are well known cartoon characters whilst the Disney adventure strips will probably only be remembered by the generation they were screened in. I have a vague memory of Scarecrow and The Adventures of Seaspray but that's about it. Don't think I was that interested even at the time they were shown.

However the comic did feature a well drawn rendition of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and later issue featured the Mysterons from Captain Scarlet. Now that might have caught youngsters attentions except for one small problem. These were published before Captain Scarlet was shown on TV. Go figure.

A companion comic to TV Tornado and TV Comic this title lasted just 31 issues before it faced the inevitable "good news" that it was to be merged with TV Tornado.

With the exception of the Mysterons stories this is really one for the younger reader.


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