Saturday, 30 September 2017

TV Tornado and Solo #38 (1967)

The sixties were a real "golden age" for British comics. So many were created and published some lasting longer than others but plenty of choice for the boys & girls of our generation. Trouble is there was never enough pocket money to buy them all so choices were made.

TV Tornado was one of several television titles that co-existed for a while. The most famous of course was TV 21, home of the Gerry Anderson heroes. It had companion titles. Lady Penelope (ostensibly for the girls but surreptitiously read by us boys) and the less successful Joe 90.

Nevertheless I do recall getting the odd issue of this comic which featured a number of TV related stories and err..some that weren't!


In September 1967 the short lived Solo was merged with TV Tornado bringing the Gerry Anderson based tale The Mysterons to a wider audience. It joined The Saint, Tarzan and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.


Other stories included in this comic included The Phantom and Flash Gordon which were reprints from the American King/Gold Key series and seemingly a bit out of place though the Phantom certainly proved popular at the time. I recall reading the Phantom in Alan Class comics such as Secrets of the Unknown.

TV Tornado ran for a respectable 67 issues before merging with the much more successful TV21 in 1968

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