Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Judge Dredd vs Aliens (Dark Horse/2003)

Judge Dredd vs Aliens #1-4 (Dark Horse)

John Wagner & Andy Diggle (w) Henry Flint (a)

One of the joys of comic books is the ability of writers and artists to bring together characters from different fictional continuities and make a good story out of them. This crossover features every-bodies favourite Judge fighting those pesky Aliens in Mega City One.

How did they get there. The "perps" brought them in for pit fighting. Trouble is there's more to it than that and this very violent story will give every citizen a sleepless night for a while.

Judge Dredd decides to investigate how these dangerous beasties got into the city and discovers a plot to destroy the Judges.


With dark art from Henry Flint and a good plot from John Wagner & Andy Diggle this four-issue mini-series originally published in 2003 (collected from a serialisation in 2000AD) is worth picking up even if like me you only dip into Dredd once in a while.

I felt sorry for the "verminators", called in to eradicate a little pest that spurted out a perps chest. Little did they know what they were letting themselves in for.

And what lurks below Mega City One is a plot to destroy the judges formulated by one very evil mutant who tries to claim he should have been treated better and not exiled. An army of Aliens might not be the best way to prove a point.

Evacuate citizens. The infestation is coming your way.

Judge Dredd also once faced the Predators. The collected edition features both stories.

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  1. Must admit I do like "crossovers"...they interesting and fun, though one or two have been bit on the silly side IMHO. Judge Dredd & Batman being one of my favs for some reason. Like two the "mainstream" crossovers of Marvel & DC...and think they could have done a monthly comic book series along the lines of Brave and the Bold meets Marvel Team-Up. Also Judge Dredd-Robocop would be good one to see...or has that been done?