Monday, 21 December 2015

The New Avengers Annual 1977

One of my all-time TV series was rebooted as The New Avengers in the late seventies and saw Mrs Peel/Tara replaced by the stunning Purdey and turned into a trio with the addition of Gambit. Steed and his team were in place for a series of new and quite often bizarre adventures.

I came across this copy whilst doing a rummage. Belongs to the missus but couldn't resist reading and commenting on it. Like most Annuals of its type, The New Avengers Annual is devoted to features and photographs of the actors and characters. However there are two comic strips. Fangs for the Memory gives us a "Vampire" story (I won't spoil the ending) and Hypno-Twist which sort of explains the plot.

The art and scripting isn't bad and the other features include a couple of text stories plus biogs of all three main characters.

There was a second one of these which maybe I'll keep an eye out for.

In the mean time here's the opening credits to a much loved TV show!

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