Sunday, 20 December 2015

Whizzer and Chips Annual 1971

One of the joys of Christmases past was receiving Annuals of your favourite comics. Today's children have such a limited and much poorer choice than we had back in the days of British comics. Not even the sole surviving weekly 2000AD does Annuals any more and resorts to a semi(?)promotional giant sized edition to attract new or lapsed readers.

However in 1970 there was a new comic in town, Whizzer and Chips who inevitably brought their first Annual, cover dated 1971 to extend the shelf life of the book.

And what a whopping edition this is. 158 pages of fun and adventure with all the usual suspects from Sid's Snake, Minnie's Mixer, Shiner, Little Saver, Footsie the Clown and much more.

There's also adventure with Sid's Specs, It came on Fireworks Night and Kings of the Castle.

Chortles all round, even to this day with this one. Never had a Whizzer and Chips Annual as a lad, but did read the comic at the time.

There were 23 Annuals in total Like many British Comics these festive specials outlived the weekly. Whizzer and Chips merged with Buster but the Annuals lasted until 1994.


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  1. Think 2000AD is missing out on "a trick" but not having a annual nowadays...guess times have changed but it a shame all the same